Monday, April 2, 2012

Learn 5 new recipes

Jared and I love cooking together and trying new recipes.  Most of what we find either comes from one of our many cookbooks, magazines or internet searches that have been done by ourselves or friends.

Pasta Cheeseburger Soup

Hamburg & Sausage Lasagna

Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Low Fat Oven Fried Chicken

Strawberry Bread

The links above will you bring you to 5 recipes that we have tried. Pasta Cheeseburger Soup is our favorite followed closely by Oven Fried Chicken. Both are very simple and quick to make.

Design & Name a Cocktail

In August 2011 Jared & I experienced our first Hurricane together.  Those types of experiences call for alcohol especially when the power goes out. 

We mixed Fruit Punch with Coconut Rum and named it "Hurricane Punch."

Very originally - I know!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Play Bingo at Bingo Hall.

My friends and I have started a bit of a tradition.  Most Wednesdays we have girls night which involves dinner, some TV to test our knowledge at Jeopardy & Nintendo Wii.  It's always so nice to have the time together to catch up on things and to share some laughs.  Two times within the past few months we went to Bingo on girls night.  We even took a trip to Foxwoods to try our luck there.  I have not had the good fortune of winning, maybe next time I will.