Monday, October 18, 2010

Hot air balloon ride

In the last post I had said that my boyfriend Jared and I were planning on going on a hot air balloon ride.  We unfortunately were unable to go due to strong winds.  And he no longer is my boyfriend.  He's my FIANCE!!!!  Jared had planned to ask me to marry him at the picnic that would have followed the hot air balloon ride.  He was afraid that our rescheduled date would have been cancelled too.  Which ended up happening.

A few days before he had asked my mom for my hand in marriage, which was so sweet of him.  When I called her to let her know the flight had been cancelled she frantically called Jared once we hung up asking what he was going to do now!?!?

So we went out to see the movie "Life as we know it."  It ended up being a good movie.  As we were walking to the car he had said how beautiful of a night it was.  Once we got in the car he asked to see my hands and I jokingly said to him that he only needed one hand.  I let him hold my left hand and I looked out the window.  At the same time he was moving around a lot trying to get something out of his pocket.  He said a lot of sweet things...and asked me to marry him.  Of course I said yes after I said are you kidding me?? over and over with tears falling from my eyes.

Even though we were unable to go on a beautiful hot air balloon ride --It was still a perfect day.  Someday we will go when the weather cooperates.  We are planning on getting married in October 2012!

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