Monday, October 4, 2010


On Wednesday September 29, 2010 I sent out 5 postcards to addresses that I received from  Today I actually received a confirmation that the postcard traveling 8978 miles had reached it's destination in New Zealand.  The other postcards are heading to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany and Austria.  Since Janette (hey there!) has registered my postcard I will be able to start receiving postcards from people all around the world. 

Eventhough my 101 list shows that I only wanted to send one postcard I decided to send all five that I am allowed to at one time.  Everytime someone registers that they received a postcard that I sent I can send another one out and my address will also be given to someone so they can send me one.  So my next one will be going to Carla in Alabama.  Who doesn't like getting mail? 

Nothing echoes like an empty mailbox.
-Charlie Brown

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